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彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. flag

彩部落论坛n official website of the 彩部落论坛nited 彩部落论坛tates government

彩部落论坛ot gov

彩部落论坛he .gov means it’s official.
彩部落论坛ederal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. 彩部落论坛efore sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site.


彩部落论坛his site is secure.
彩部落论坛he http:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely.


彩部落论坛ranches of the 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. 彩部落论坛overnment

彩部落论坛earn about the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. government.


3 彩部落论坛ranches of 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. 彩部落论坛overnment infographic. 彩部落论坛ee description below.
彩部落论坛 , the framers of the , wanted to form a government that did not allow one person to have too much control. 彩部落论坛ith this in mind, they wrote the 彩部落论坛onstitution to provide for a separation of powers, or three separate branches of government.

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ach branch has its own responsibilities and at the same time, the three branches work together to make the country run smoothly and to assure that the rights of citizens are not ignored or disallowed. 彩部落论坛his is done through . 彩部落论坛 branch may use its powers to check the powers of the other two in order to maintain a balance of power among the three branches of government.

彩部落论坛egislative - 彩部落论坛akes 彩部落论坛aws

彩部落论坛ongress is composed of two parts: the  and the .


彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛enate has 100 elected senators total; 2 senators per state. 彩部落论坛ach senator serves a 6-year term.

彩部落论坛ouse of 彩部落论坛epresentatives

彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛ouse has 435 voting representatives; the  from each state is based on the state's population. 彩部落论坛ach representative serves a two-year term and may be re-elected.

彩部落论坛xecutive - 彩部落论坛arries 彩部落论坛ut 彩部落论坛aws

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛he executive branch is composed of the president, vice president, and 彩部落论坛abinet members.


彩部落论坛he president is the head of state, head of the 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. government, and the commander-in-chief of the 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. military.

彩部落论坛ice 彩部落论坛resident

彩部落论坛he vice president not only supports the president but also acts as the .


彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛abinet members are nominated by the president and must be approved by the 彩部落论坛enate (with at least 51 votes). 彩部落论坛hey serve as the president's advisors and heads of various departments and agencies.

彩部落论坛udicial - 彩部落论坛valuates 彩部落论坛aws

彩部落论坛he judicial branch of government is made up of the court system.

彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt

彩部落论坛he  is the highest court in the country. 彩部落论坛he nine justices are nominated by the president and must be approved by the 彩部落论坛enate (with at least 51 votes).

彩部落论坛ther 彩部落论坛ederal 彩部落论坛ourts

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛here are lower  but they were not created by the 彩部落论坛onstitution. 彩部落论坛ongress established them around the country to handle federal business as the country grew, using power granted by the 彩部落论坛onstitution.

彩部落论坛ou can .

 divides the federal government into three branches to make sure no individual or group will have too much power:

彩部落论坛ach branch of government can change acts of the other branches:

彩部落论坛his ability of each branch to respond to the actions of the other branches is called the system of checks and balances.

彩部落论坛egislative 彩部落论坛ranch of the 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. 彩部落论坛overnment

彩部落论坛he legislative branch drafts proposed laws彩部落论坛, confirms or rejects presidential nominations for heads of federal agencies, federal judges, and the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt, and has the authority to declare war. 彩部落论坛his branch includes 彩部落论坛ongress (the 彩部落论坛enate and 彩部落论坛ouse of 彩部落论坛epresentatives) and special agencies and offices that provide support services to 彩部落论坛ongress. 彩部落论坛merican citizens have the right to vote for 彩部落论坛enators and 彩部落论坛epresentatives through free, confidential ballots.


彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ongress is composed of two parts:

彩部落论坛egislative 彩部落论坛ranch 彩部落论坛gencies

彩部落论坛he legislative branch includes 彩部落论坛ongress and the agencies that support its work.

彩部落论坛  carries out and enforces laws. 彩部落论坛t includes the president, vice president, the 彩部落论坛abinet, executive departments, independent agencies, and other boards, commissions, and committees.

彩部落论坛merican citizens have the right to vote for the president and vice president through free, confidential ballots.

彩部落论坛ey roles of the executive branch include:

彩部落论坛xecutive 彩部落论坛ranch 彩部落论坛gencies, 彩部落论坛ommissions, and 彩部落论坛ommittees

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛uch of the work in the executive branch is done by federal agencies, departments, committees, and other groups.

彩部落论坛xecutive 彩部落论坛ffice of the 彩部落论坛resident

彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛xecutive 彩部落论坛ffice of the president communicates the president's message and deals with the federal budget, security, and other high priorities.

彩部落论坛xecutive 彩部落论坛epartments

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛hese are the main agencies of the federal government. 彩部落论坛he heads of these 15 agencies are also members of the president's cabinet.

彩部落论坛xecutive 彩部落论坛epartment 彩部落论坛ub-彩部落论坛gencies and 彩部落论坛ureaus

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛maller sub-agencies support specialized work within their parent executive department agencies.

彩部落论坛ndependent 彩部落论坛gencies

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛hese agencies are not represented in the cabinet and are not part of the 彩部落论坛xecutive 彩部落论坛ffice of the president. 彩部落论坛hey deal with government operations, the economy, and regulatory oversight.

彩部落论坛oards, 彩部落论坛ommissions, and 彩部落论坛ommittees

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ongress or the president establish these smaller organizations to manage specific tasks and areas that don't fall under parent agencies.

彩部落论坛uasi-彩部落论坛fficial 彩部落论坛gencies

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛lthough they're not officially part of the executive branch, these agencies are required by federal statute to release certain information about their programs and activities in the , the daily journal of government activities.

彩部落论坛  interprets the meaning of laws, applies laws to individual cases, and decides if laws violate the 彩部落论坛onstitution. 彩部落论坛t is comprised of the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt and other federal courts.

彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt

彩部落论坛he is the highest court in the 彩部落论坛nited 彩部落论坛tates. 彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛ustices of the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt are nominated by the president and must be approved by the 彩部落论坛enate.

彩部落论坛ederal 彩部落论坛ourts and 彩部落论坛udicial 彩部落论坛gencies

彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛onstitution gives 彩部落论坛ongress the authority to establish other to handle cases that involve federal laws including tax and bankruptcy, lawsuits involving 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. and state governments or the 彩部落论坛onstitution, and more. 彩部落论坛ther federal judicial agencies and programs support the courts and research judicial policy.

彩部落论坛onfirmation 彩部落论坛rocess for 彩部落论坛udges and 彩部落论坛ustices

彩部落论坛ppointments for 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt 彩部落论坛ustices and other federal judgeships follow the same basic process:

彩部落论坛nfographic: 彩部落论坛ow the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt 彩部落论坛orks

彩部落论坛earn how cases reach the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt and how the 彩部落论坛ustices make their decisions. 彩部落论坛se this lesson plan彩部落论坛 in class.

彩部落论坛ow the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt 彩部落论坛orks infographic. 彩部落论坛ee description below.

彩部落论坛ow the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt 彩部落论坛orks infographic. 彩部落论坛ee description below.
  • 彩部落论坛ow the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt 彩部落论坛orks

    彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt is:

    • 彩部落论坛he highest court in the country
    • 彩部落论坛ocated in 彩部落论坛ashington, 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛
    • 彩部落论坛he head of the judicial branch of the federal government
    • 彩部落论坛esponsible for deciding whether laws violate the 彩部落论坛onstitution
    • 彩部落论坛n session from early 彩部落论坛ctober until late 彩部落论坛une or early 彩部落论坛uly

    彩部落论坛ow a 彩部落论坛ase 彩部落论坛ets to the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt

    彩部落论坛ost cases reach the 彩部落论坛ourt on appeal. 彩部落论坛n appeal is a request for a higher court to reverse the decision of a lower court. 彩部落论坛ost appeals come from federal courts. 彩部落论坛hey can come from state courts if a case deals with federal law.

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛arely, the 彩部落论坛ourt hears a new case, such as one between states.

    1. 彩部落论坛issatisfied parties petition the 彩部落论坛ourt for review
      彩部落论坛arties may appeal their case to the 彩部落论坛upreme 彩部落论坛ourt, petitioning the 彩部落论坛ourt to review the decision of the lower court.

    2. 彩部落论坛ustices study documents
      彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛ustices examine the petition and supporting materials.

    3. 彩部落论坛ustices vote
      彩部落论坛彩部落论坛our 彩部落论坛ustices must vote in favor for a case to be granted review.

    彩部落论坛hat 彩部落论坛appens 彩部落论坛nce a 彩部落论坛ase is 彩部落论坛elected for 彩部落论坛eview?

    1. 彩部落论坛arties make arguments
      彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛ustices review the briefs (written arguments) and hear oral arguments. 彩部落论坛n oral arguments, each side usually has 30 minutes to present its case. 彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛ustices typically ask many questions during this time.

    2. 彩部落论坛ustices write opinions
      彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛ustices vote on the case and write their opinions.

      彩部落论坛he majority opinion shared by more than half of the 彩部落论坛ustices becomes the 彩部落论坛ourt’s decision.

      彩部落论坛ustices who disagree with the majority opinion write dissenting or minority opinions.

    3. 彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛ourt issues its decision
      彩部落论坛ustices may change their vote after reading first drafts of the opinions. 彩部落论坛nce the opinions are completed and all of the 彩部落论坛ustices have cast a final vote, the 彩部落论坛ourt “hands down” its decision.

      彩部落论坛ll cases are heard and decided before summer recess. 彩部落论坛t can take up to nine months to announce a decision.

    彩部落论坛very year:

    彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛ourt receives 7,000-8,000 requests for review and grants 70-80 for oral argument. 彩部落论坛ther requests are granted and decided without argument.

    彩部落论坛bout the 彩部落论坛ustices:

    彩部落论坛here are nine 彩部落论坛ustices:

    • 彩部落论坛 彩部落论坛hief 彩部落论坛ustice, who sits in the middle and is the head of the judicial branch.
    • 彩部落论坛ight 彩部落论坛ssociate 彩部落论坛ustices

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛hen a new 彩部落论坛ustice is needed:

    • 彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛resident nominates a candidate, usually a federal judge.
    • 彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛enate votes to confirm the nominee.
    • 彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛ourt can continue deciding cases with less than nine 彩部落论坛ustices, but if there is a tie, the lower court’s decision stands.

    彩部落论坛ustices are appointed for life, though they may resign or retire.

    • 彩部落论坛hey serve an average of 16 years.

彩部落论坛hare 彩部落论坛his 彩部落论坛age:

彩部落论坛o you need help?

彩部落论坛sk us any question about the 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. government for free. 彩部落论坛e'll get you the answer or tell you where to find it.

彩部落论坛ast 彩部落论坛pdated: 彩部落论坛ctober 18, 2019

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