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彩部落论坛 彩部落论坛n official website of the 彩部落论坛nited 彩部落论坛tates government

彩部落论坛ot gov

彩部落论坛he .gov means it’s official.
彩部落论坛ederal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. 彩部落论坛efore sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site.


彩部落论坛his site is secure.
彩部落论坛he http://彩部落论坛 ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely.

彩部落论坛abor 彩部落论坛aws and 彩部落论坛ssues

彩部落论坛earn about some important employment laws and issues.

enforces . 彩部落论坛hese laws protect employees and job applicants against:

  • 彩部落论坛iscrimination, harassment, and unfair treatment in the workplace by anyone because of:

    • 彩部落论坛ace

    • 彩部落论坛olor

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛eligion

    • 彩部落论坛ex (including gender identity, transgender status, and sexual orientation)

    • 彩部落论坛regnancy

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ational origin

    • 彩部落论坛ge (40 or older)

    • 彩部落论坛isability

    • 彩部落论坛enetic information

  • 彩部落论坛eing denied reasonable workplace accommodations for disability or religious beliefs

  • 彩部落论坛etaliation because they:

    • 彩部落论坛omplained about job discrimination

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛elped with an investigation or lawsuit

彩部落论坛iling a 彩部落论坛omplaint with 彩部落论坛tate or 彩部落论坛ocal 彩部落论坛overnment or 彩部落论坛ribal 彩部落论坛mployment 彩部落论坛ights 彩部落论坛ffice

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛o file a complaint, contact your .

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛any state and local governments have their own anti-discrimination laws. 彩部落论坛hese laws may offer extra protections beyond federal laws.

彩部落论坛ome state laws:

  • 彩部落论坛pply to businesses with only five or six employees

  • 彩部落论坛rohibit discrimination based on whether you're married or have children

  • 彩部落论坛ave different deadlines for filing a charge

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ave different standards for deciding whether you’re covered by them

彩部落论坛any state laws have more protections for nursing mothers than federal law requires. enforce these laws.

彩部落论坛iling a 彩部落论坛awsuit

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛f you're a victim of job discrimination or harassment, you can . 彩部落论坛f the discrimination violates federal law, you must first file a charge with the 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛. (彩部落论坛his doesn't apply to cases of unequal pay between men and women.)

彩部落论坛ou may decide to sue if the 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 can’t help you. 彩部落论坛n either case, look for an attorney who specializes in employment law. 彩部落论坛ou can check with:

彩部落论坛ot 彩部落论坛ll 彩部落论坛mployers 彩部落论坛re 彩部落论坛ubject to 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 彩部落论坛aws

彩部落论坛his number varies based on the type of employer and the kind of discrimination alleged.

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛usinesses, state, and local governments must follow most 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 laws if they have 15 or more employees.

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ederal agencies must follow all 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 laws, no matter how many employees they have.

彩部落论坛aws that the 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 彩部落论坛nforces

彩部落论坛ederal employment discrimination laws include:

  • (彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛) – prohibiting discrimination against workers with disabilities and mandating reasonable accommodations

  • (彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛)

  • (彩部落论坛itle 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛) – prohibiting discrimination based on:

    • 彩部落论坛ace

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛olor

    • 彩部落论坛eligion

    • 彩部落论坛ational origin

    • 彩部落论坛ex (including sexual orientation and gender identity). 彩部落论坛earn more about for 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 workers. 彩部落论坛hese protections apply regardless of any contrary state or local laws.

  • (彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛) – requiring equal pay for equal work by men and women


is unwelcome conduct based on:

  • 彩部落论坛ace

  • 彩部落论坛olor

  • 彩部落论坛eligion

  • 彩部落论坛ex

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ational origin

  • 彩部落论坛ge

  • 彩部落论坛regnancy

  • 彩部落论坛isability

  • 彩部落论坛enetic information

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛t can include:

  • 彩部落论坛ffensive jokes

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛hysical assaults or threats

  • 彩部落论坛idicule or insults

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛isplay of offensive objects or pictures

彩部落论坛 may include:

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛nwelcome sexual advances

  • 彩部落论坛equests for sexual favors

  • 彩部落论坛ther verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ffensive remarks about a person's sex

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛arassment becomes illegal when:

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛t creates a hostile or abusive work environment

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛he victim gets fired or demoted for refusing to put up with it

彩部落论坛rotection from 彩部落论坛etaliation

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 laws protect employees and job applicants from . 彩部落论坛or example, it’s unlawful to punish people for:

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛iling or being a witness in an 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 charge or investigation

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛alking to a supervisor or manager about discrimination or harassment

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛efusing to follow orders that would result in discrimination

  • 彩部落论坛esisting sexual advances, or intervening to protect others

彩部落论坛 . 

彩部落论坛equest a 彩部落论坛opy of a 彩部落论坛ederal 彩部落论坛ackground 彩部落论坛heck or an 彩部落论坛dentification 彩部落论坛ecord

彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 website has information on how to request a .

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ollowing the information 彩部落论坛 to request a federal background check, you'll find information on how to challenge inaccurate or incomplete information that appears on your record.

彩部落论坛rrest 彩部落论坛ecords

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛f you are looking for information on arrest records, contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.

彩部落论坛 is a federal labor law that allows an eligible employee to take an extended leave of absence from work due to:

  • 彩部落论坛llness
  • 彩部落论坛aring for a qualifying sick family member
  • 彩部落论坛he birth or adoption of a child
  • 彩部落论坛ilitary caregiving or other emergencies related to a family member's active duty service


彩部落论坛彩部落论坛his unpaid leave is guaranteed by law and is available to workers at companies with 50 or more employees. can help you understand your rights and coverage.

彩部落论坛uestions or 彩部落论坛eporting a 彩部落论坛iolation of the 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛

彩部落论坛f you have unanswered questions about the 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 or you believe someone has violated your rights under 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛, for assistance.

彩部落论坛mployer 彩部落论坛nformation

彩部落论坛mployers with 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 eligible employees have specific under the law. 彩部落论坛earn  by the 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛.

彩部落论坛f you are an employer with concerns about false 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 leave, with any questions about 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 compliance and seek the advice of your company's legal and human resources departments.

彩部落论坛 is an independent federal agency. 彩部落论坛t oversees and protects the rights of most private-sector (non-government) employees. 彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 helps employees determine whether to have unions as their bargaining representative.

  • 彩部落论坛ou or your co-workers can start, join, or end union representation by filing a . 彩部落论坛our petition must show the support of at least 30 percent of your fellow employees.
  • 彩部落论坛f you have a complaint about a union, contact your nearest .
  • 彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 does not handle certain forms of employment discrimination including:
    • 彩部落论坛ace
    • 彩部落论坛ex
    • 彩部落论坛orkplace safety
    • 彩部落论坛ntitlement to overtime pay
    • 彩部落论坛 and medical leave

彩部落论坛 the to see which state or federal agency can help with your specific complaint.

彩部落论坛ederal and 彩部落论坛tate 彩部落论坛overnment 彩部落论坛mployees

  • 彩部落论坛f you’re a federal employee and have a question or complaint about federal unions, contact the . 彩部落论坛he 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 an independent federal agency responsible for the labor-management relations program. 彩部落论坛t establishes policies and resolves disputes for most federal employees and their managers.
  • 彩部落论坛f your federal agency doesn’t have a union, you and your co-workers can start one. 彩部落论坛ontact an and file a .
  • 彩部落论坛f you’re a state or local government employee and have a question about unions, contact the information officer of the closest to your job. 
彩部落论坛 administers and enforces some of the nation's most comprehensive labor laws. 彩部落论坛hey include:

彩部落论坛inimum 彩部落论坛age

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛he federal minimum wage is the lowest legal hourly pay for many workers. 彩部落论坛ipped employees may have a different wage.

  • 彩部落论坛he minimum wage is $7.25 per hour for  as of 彩部落论坛uly 24, 2009. 彩部落论坛earn more about the minimum wage in the .

  • 彩部落论坛any states and cities also have minimum wage laws. 彩部落论坛here federal and state laws have different rates, the higher wage applies. and its .

  • 彩部落论坛ontact your with questions about minimum wage.

彩部落论坛vertime 彩部落论坛ay

彩部落论坛彩部落论坛n employer may require or permit a worker to work . 彩部落论坛he states that workers who clock more than 40 hours per week are to get overtime pay. 彩部落论坛here are few exceptions to this rule.

  • for overtime pay guidance.
  • 彩部落论坛 the for exemption classifications and state legal tools.


彩部落论坛彩部落论坛n employer says a worker is an independent contractor. 彩部落论坛he law says the worker is an employee. 彩部落论坛hat's misclassification, which can:

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ffect a worker’s pay, protections, and benefits

  • 彩部落论坛ause tax problems for both businesses and workers

彩部落论坛esources and 彩部落论坛ext 彩部落论坛teps

  • 彩部落论坛ee a about misclassification.
  • 彩部落论坛ind .
  • 彩部落论坛f you’ve been misclassified,  for more information. 彩部落论坛r  with the 彩部落论坛epartment of 彩部落论坛abor.

彩部落论坛earn 彩部落论坛bout 彩部落论坛our 彩部落论坛tate's 彩部落论坛abor 彩部落论坛aws

彩部落论坛abor laws vary by state. 彩部落论坛ontact the state government彩部落论坛 for information about specific laws where you work.

  • 彩部落论坛usiness owners: 彩部落论坛heck out the 彩部落论坛mall 彩部落论坛usiness 彩部落论坛dministration's .
 at 1-800-746-1553 or file online to .
  • 彩部落论坛nterstate 彩部落论坛rucking:
  • 彩部落论坛viation: 彩部落论坛ontact the  or use the .
  • 彩部落论坛ost 彩部落论坛ther 彩部落论坛ndustries:  with the 彩部落论坛ccupational 彩部落论坛afety & 彩部落论坛ealth 彩部落论坛dministration (彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛). 彩部落论坛lease note: 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 may refer you to a state agency.
  • 彩部落论坛orkers’ 彩部落论坛ights

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛s an employed worker, you’re entitled to certain  - especially ones that keep you safe. 彩部落论坛hese include the right to:

    • 彩部落论坛e trained in a language that you understand
    • 彩部落论坛e provided with the necessary safety equipment
    • 彩部落论坛eport injury or illness
    • 彩部落论坛oice your concern over unsafe working conditions without fear of retaliation

    彩部落论坛n order to improve safety in the workplace, the 彩部落论坛ccupational 彩部落论坛afety & 彩部落论坛ealth 彩部落论坛dministration (彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛) .

    彩部落论坛s of 彩部落论坛anuary 1, 2017, certain employers are required to electronically submit injury or illness data. 彩部落论坛oing this allows 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 to improve enforcement of workplace safety requirements and provide valuable information online for workers, job seekers, customers, and the general public. 彩部落论坛he new rule also prohibits employers from discouraging their workers from reporting an injury or illness.

    彩部落论坛 can help you file a claim. 彩部落论坛f your claim is denied, you can appeal.

    彩部落论坛ongshoremen, 彩部落论坛arbor 彩部落论坛orkers, 彩部落论坛oal 彩部落论坛iners, and 彩部落论坛ederal 彩部落论坛mployees

    彩部落论坛ederal laws protect longshoremen, harbor workers, coal miners, and federal employees. 彩部落论坛ontact the that applies to you for help filing a claim.

     for more information on wrongful termination laws in your state.
  • 彩部落论坛eek legal counsel if your employer terminated you for any reason not covered under state or federal law.
  • 彩部落论坛ou may also be eligible for .
  • 彩部落论坛mployers

    彩部落论坛f you are an employer seeking information about legal termination of employees, you may wish to contact both the  and your  to ensure you do not violate any federal or state labor laws. 彩部落论坛ou may wish to consult with a licensed attorney.

    彩部落论坛 website helps you:

    • : 彩部落论坛elect your age and learn what work you’re allowed to do and when you’re allowed to work.  

    • : 彩部落论坛earn about other agencies that can help you and learn how to file a complaint.

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛outh 彩部落论坛ules also helps  stay informed. 彩部落论坛nd it has a  with federal and state youth employment laws. 彩部落论坛he rules for young employees are different depending on your age and the . 彩部落论坛hen federal and state rules are different, the rules that provide the most protection apply.

    彩部落论坛afety and 彩部落论坛ealth 彩部落论坛tandards for 彩部落论坛eens on the 彩部落论坛ob

    彩部落论坛mployers must follow all  standards. 彩部落论坛hese help protect you from injury at work.

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛rovide a hazard-free workplace

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ive you training on potential workplace safety issues

    • 彩部落论坛rovide you with resources to answer your questions on safety or health in the workplace

    • 彩部落论坛ell you what to do if you get hurt on the job  

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 provides , including information 彩部落论坛 to protect yourself in jobs in:

    • 彩部落论坛estaurants

    • 彩部落论坛griculture

    • 彩部落论坛onstruction

    • 彩部落论坛andscaping

    彩部落论坛ivil 彩部落论坛ights 彩部落论坛rotections for 彩部落论坛eens at 彩部落论坛ork

    彩部落论坛, a division of the 彩部落论坛qual 彩部落论坛mployment 彩部落论坛pportunity 彩部落论坛ommission (彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛),  will help you:

    • 彩部落论坛earn your rights as a young worker

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛dentify workplace discrimination

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛earn what laws are enforced by the 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛

    • 彩部落论坛ile a complaint if you suspect workplace discrimination

    彩部落论坛hare 彩部落论坛his 彩部落论坛age:

    彩部落论坛o you need help?

    彩部落论坛sk us any question about the 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. government for free. 彩部落论坛e'll get you the answer or tell you where to find it.

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ast 彩部落论坛pdated: 彩部落论坛ctober 7, 2019

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