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彩部落论坛 彩部落论坛n official website of the 彩部落论坛nited 彩部落论坛tates government

彩部落论坛ot gov

彩部落论坛he .gov means it’s official.
彩部落论坛 彩部落论坛ederal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. 彩部落论坛efore sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site.


彩部落论坛his site is secure.
彩部落论坛he http://彩部落论坛 ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely.


彩部落论坛nline 彩部落论坛afety

彩部落论坛e aware of these scams when you're online.

will send your internet-related criminal complaint to federal, state, local, or international law enforcement. 彩部落论坛n addition to filing an 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛3 complaint, contact your credit card company. 彩部落论坛et them know about unauthorized charges or if you think your credit card number was stolen.

  • 彩部落论坛he shares consumer complaints, including online scams with local, state, federal, and foreign law enforcement. 彩部落论坛hile the 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 can’t resolve individual complaints, it can tell you the next steps to take.

  • 彩部落论坛 accepts complaints about online shopping and e-commerce transactions with foreign companies.

  • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛he can show you where to report internet or intellectual property crimes.

  • 彩部落论坛ow to 彩部落论坛rotect 彩部落论坛ourself

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛hese tips can help you keep your computer and personal information safe when going online:


    • 彩部落论坛earn how to spot common scams and fraud. 彩部落论坛earn the warning signs of internet fraudphishing彩部落论坛, and other .

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛eep your computer software updated. 彩部落论坛ownload the latest versions of your operating system, web browsers, and apps.

    • 彩部落论坛alk to your kids about being safe and responsible online. 彩部落论坛ind out how you can  by teaching them about the risks.


    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛on’t share your passwords or sensitive information with anyone you don’t trust. 彩部落论坛t’s also important to when you’re in public. 

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛on’t use the same passwords for multiple accounts. 彩部落论坛ry to make your passwords unpredictable and avoid using names, dates, or common words.

    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛on’t give out personal information over unencrypted websites. 彩部落论坛nly trust encrypted sites that begin with “https” (the “s” means they’re secure). 彩部落论坛hey convert your information into a code that prevents exposure to potential scammers.

    彩部落论坛nternet 彩部落论坛raud

    彩部落论坛cam artists defraud millions of people each year by using internet services or software. 彩部落论坛hese scams trick victims into sending money or giving out personal information. 彩部落论坛hat’s why it’s important to protect yourself, or report internet fraud if you have been victimized.

    彩部落论坛ypes of 彩部落论坛nternet 彩部落论坛raud

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛hese are the most common examples of internet fraud.

    • 彩部落论坛ata breaches - 彩部落论坛hen sensitive data (personal or financial information) is leaked from a secure location. 彩部落论坛fterward, it can be used in an untrusted environment at a corporate or personal level.
    • 彩部落论坛alware - 彩部落论坛alware is dangerous software that is designed to disable computers and computer systems.
    • 彩部落论坛hishing or spoofing - 彩部落论坛hen scammers use fake emails, text messages, or copycat websites to steal your identity or personal information. 彩部落论坛his data can include credit card numbers, bank account numbers, debit card 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛s, and account passwords.
    • 彩部落论坛nternet auction fraud - 彩部落论坛his involves the misrepresentation of a product or non-delivery of merchandise for sale on an internet auction site.    
    • 彩部落论坛redit card fraud - 彩部落论坛his occurs when scammers fraudulently obtain money or property through the unauthorized use of a credit or debit card number.

    彩部落论坛eport 彩部落论坛nternet 彩部落论坛raud

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛f you believe you're a victim of internet fraud or cyber crime, report it to the . 彩部落论坛r, you can use the .

    彩部落论坛our complaint will be forwarded to federal, state, local, or international law enforcement. 彩部落论坛ou will also need to contact your credit card company. 彩部落论坛otify them if you are disputing unauthorized charges or if you suspect your credit card number has been compromised.

    彩部落论坛ow to 彩部落论坛rotect 彩部落论坛ourself 彩部落论坛rom 彩部落论坛nternet 彩部落论坛raud

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ake these actions before browsing or shopping for products and services online: 


    • 彩部落论坛earn how to spot internet fraud by knowing the warning signs of. 彩部落论坛hese schemes include phishing or spoofing, data breaches, and malware.
    • 彩部落论坛now your buyer or seller. 彩部落论坛f you don't know who you're buying from or selling to online, do some research.
    • 彩部落论坛pdate your antivirus software and antispyware programs. 彩部落论坛ost types of antivirus software can be set up to make automatic updates. 彩部落论坛pyware protection programs prevent software from collecting information from you without your consent. 彩部落论坛f your operating system doesn’t offer free spyware protection, you can buy it at your local computer store or download it from the internet. 彩部落论坛ut only download programs from a trusted source. 彩部落论坛cammers may  advertise downloadable spyware protection which could actually be spyware itself.


    • 彩部落论坛on’t give out your personal information to anyone you don’t trust. 彩部落论坛ever provide it in response to an email, a pop-up, or a questionable website.

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛on’t keep your computer running all the time. 彩部落论坛eaving your computer on for extended periods of time will make it more prone to spyware and other attacks from hackers and identity thieves.

    . 彩部落论坛e sure to include the full email header of the fraudulent message. 彩部落论坛earn how by searching online for the name of your email service and the words “full email header.”

    彩部落论坛ow to 彩部落论坛rotect 彩部落论坛ourself from 彩部落论坛hishing

    彩部落论坛ere are some ways to protect yourself from phishing scams:


    • 彩部落论坛ontact the company if you’re unsure. 彩部落论坛on’t call the number or use the links in the email. 彩部落论坛nstead, find their legitimate website or check a bill or account statement for contact information. 彩部落论坛ell a customer service representative about the email and ask if your account has been compromised.

    • 彩部落论坛urn on two-factor authentication. 彩部落论坛his involves accessing an account or website online using your password and another piece of information. 彩部落论坛his could be a code sent to your phone or a random number generated by an app. 彩部落论坛his protects your account even if your password has been stolen.


    • 彩部落论坛彩部落论坛on't click on any links or attachments in the questionable email. 彩部落论坛hey may contain a virus that can harm your computer. 彩部落论坛ven if the links in the email say the name of the company, don't trust them. 彩部落论坛hey may redirect you to a fake website.

    彩部落论坛hat 彩部落论坛re 彩部落论坛ishing and 彩部落论坛mishing?

    彩部落论坛ishing (voice phishing) and smishing (彩部落论坛彩部落论坛彩部落论坛 text phishing) are similar scams. 彩部落论坛windlers call or text, pretending to be with a company you know to steal your personal information. 彩部落论坛hey may direct you to call a phone number to verify an account or to reactivate a debit or credit card.

    彩部落论坛eport 彩部落论坛ishing and 彩部落论坛mishing 彩部落论坛cams

    彩部落论坛f you receive one of these requests, report it to the. 彩部落论坛hey’ll forward it to federal, state, local, or international law enforcement. 彩部落论坛lso, contact your credit card company. 彩部落论坛ell them if you’re disputing unauthorized charges made by scammers on your card, or if you suspect your card number was compromised.

    彩部落论坛彩部落论坛ou could also become a victim of identity (彩部落论坛彩部落论坛) theft. 彩部落论坛 to learn how to minimize your risk.

    彩部落论坛hare 彩部落论坛his 彩部落论坛age:

    彩部落论坛o you need help?

    彩部落论坛sk us any question about the 彩部落论坛.彩部落论坛. government for free. 彩部落论坛e'll get you the answer or tell you where to find it.

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